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Chefs and their passion for North Sea fish and the Belgian Coast

The chefs at the Belgian Coast cook with passion for their trade and their produce! The Belgian Coast is a culinary paradise where enjoyment has been elevated to an art. Chefs rightfully extol the North Sea riches. Fresh fish and the many regional specialities make for a rich gastronomy. The list of superb restaurants is almost endless.

Discover numerous interesting stories, tips and factoids from our passionate chefs here.

Michiel Rabaey - Storms

Michiel Rabaey

Storm in Oostende

Virtually every chef has his or her own kitchen garden. So do I, only mine turned out to be a bit larger than most … the North Sea. At Storm, we introduce you to the known and the lesser-known fish species from the North Sea.

Het Oosterstaketsel in Blankenberge met chef Ann Warrinnier

Ann Warrinnier

Oosterstaketsel in Blankenberge

What you’ll find on the menu in our restaurant will largely depend on our fisherman. He knows exactly which fish to serve when. We cook what he catches. Sometimes we serve fish species the wider public wouldn’t be familiar with, a case of unknown is unloved you could say.

Donald Deschagt

Donald Deschagt

Le Homard et la Moule

My love for sea vegetables, seaweed and algae, and all the other stunning produce the North Sea has to offer, started many years ago and has grown as time went on. After all, the sea, the breakwater and the dunes are my back garden. Now, where would you come across a finer garden?


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