Artistic spots in Nieuwpoort

Nieuwpoort has no art museums, but it has many fine artworks spread along the beach. They recall the sea, the wars, and often set you dreaming - of places far from the world of Nieuwpoort.

Leopoldplein, Nieuwpoort

Poetic windscreens

On the Leopoldplein you can take a seat on a bench next to one of the glass windscreens. A view of the sea and poetry - what better place to spend hours musing and daydreaming. The 14 windscreens offer you various poems about the North Sea and Nieuwpoort.

Windschermen met foto's aan het Loodswezenplein in Nieuwpoort

Yet more artistic spots out of the wind

On the Loodswezenplein you can discover a series of glass walls displaying photos of the bathing resort in ages past. From the Casino through the Grand Hotel to numerous villas. Our heritage presented in an original format. The fine view of the seafront, the harbour channel and the nature reserve on the mouth of the Yser (IJzer) River are free extras!

Op ontdekking in het Westfront in Nieuwpoort met het Panorama van de IJzervlakte van Alfred Bastien

Panorama of the Battle of the IJzer by Alfred Bastien

Just after the war, the Belgian war artist Alfred Bastien painted a monumental panorama of the battle of the IJzer in 1914. On a 115 by 14 metre canvas, it illustrates the entire front. From the mouth of the Yser (IJzer) River in Nieuwpoort to the burning city of Ieper and back. At Westfront you can see that canvas projected digitally on an equally impressive screen. In slow motion and with expert commentary.

All about the work and Westfront 

Beaufort gems in Nieuwpoort


Men, 2018

A lovely work! For this year’s Beaufort, Nina Beier gathered statues that no longer stand in public spaces. She installed them in formation next to the sea. By placing them in these unique surroundings of beach and sea, the element of prestige gives way to drama, and the statues look as if a moment from a forgotten maritime battle had been cast in bronze.

All about Men

Edith Dekyndt - the ninth wave


The Ninth Wave, 2018

This work by Dekyndt is a live performance, an action that is regularly repeated and is also available on video. It depicts a woman cleaning the virile statue of Albert I at regular intervals, a reference to the impact of World War I on the lives of women. 

Where you've got to be and more info!

Searching for Utopia in Nieuwpoort

From the permanent Beaufort sculpture park

Searching for Utopia

What a lovely turtle, signed by Jan Fabre! The artist himself rides on the back of the sea turtle, which enjoys a fine view of the surroundings. The work is still under restoration, but in the summer it will be back in full view on the square in front of the Centrum Ysara.

Discover Searching for Utopia

Nieuwpoort - Le vent souffle où il veut

From the permanent Beaufort sculpture park  

Le vent souffle où il veut

A colourful artwork in which the illusion of a forest is created with a hundred flagpoles with windsocks in various colours.

More about this artwork!

Vismijn in Nieuwpoort

Still more artistic spots

  • Art in and on the Fish mine and Quay
    On this site, you can discover a good number of artworks. For example, there is the Fishers’ monument. A character work and a moment of silence in honour of all Belgian fishers who lost their lives at sea. Another striking work is the Miraculous Draught of Fish located on the side façade of the clocktower of the Vismijn (fish mine). A bas relief that tells the story of the miraculous herring catch in 1943.
  • Reconciliation by Willem Vermandere (Loodswezenplein)
    This work by our own Willem Vermandere stands at the geographical starting point of the Western Front. A dialogue in stone between two towering human figures that meet each other on the front. One hundred years after the war, they are now friends and no longer enemies. Their hands symbolize aggression, reconciliation, shelter and hospitality.
  • The Whale (Paul Orbanpromenade)
    This sculpture represents the tail of a whale. You will find the work on the harbour channel along the Paul Orbanpromenade. And if you stare at it long enough, you might even see an actual whale.
  • Maurits van Nassau (Prins Maritspark)
    This statue, located in the Prins Mauritspark, commemorates the Battle of Nieuwpoort on 2 July 1600. Not a typical war monument adorned with armour, but a symbolic object. It is not the battle itself, but the strategic insight of Prince Maurits and the political consequences of that battle that is being commemorated. Prince Maurits stands as a symbol of a turning point in history.

Also interesting!

The Heritage walk will take you along to discover more lovely spots in the seaside resort and treat you to a number of architectural gems.

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