Artistic spots in Oostende

The swirling city on the sea knows how to mix elegance with an authentic fishing ambiance, major artworks and big city vibes. A place where artists have felt at home since time immemorial. And you can tell!

Mu.ZEE in Oostende


Every Belgian should check out the Mu.ZEE one day - it houses a top collection of Belgian art. Our own national pride. From Ensor to Tuymans. The former even has his own wing, together with Spilliaert. This way, you can take the time to take in all these excellent works at your leisure.

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cc De Grote Post in Oostende

CC de Grote Post

The former post office, a listed building, has risen again as a cultural centre. A spot with shades of a grand café where you can go to see a play, dance, music, comedy and circus. Time to chat before or after the performance in the cosy CultuurCafé, where you can also enjoy an inspired lunch, a nourishing dinner or a tasty snack.

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Marvin Gaye, Midnight Love Tour in Oostende

Walking around with Marvin Gaye and James Ensor

The musical walk ‘Midnight Love Tour’ in Oostende takes you in the footsteps of the soul singer. Oostende was once the refuge of Marvin Gaye. You will visit the spots where he came to be re-energized and found fresh inspiration. Without Oostende, no Sexual Healing …. On ‘The Perfume of Ostend’ walk, you will discover James Ensor’s City on the Sea.

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Beaufort gems in Oostende

Monument for a Wullok


Monument for a Wullok, 2018

An unusual sight! The giant shell, or whelk, can be seen from afar rising up in the landscape. The work is an ode to the sea, with its force and indomitability and the secrets it refuses to reveal. Knowing that he would fail in the endeavour, DeSmet gives the sculpture back to the sea and lets the sand and soft sea air conquer the bronze. This gives the bronze a brownish-green pockmarked exterior, which stands in stark contrast with the softly finished, smooth and accessible interior, in which we thought to hear the sound of the sea when we were children.

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Sorry, Oostende


Sorry, 2015

This installation fits within the work of Guillaume Bijl, which attempts to conduct an ‘archaeology of our society’. In tragicomic fashion, he copies bits of reality that cause us to stop and reflect on our own culture. This work belongs to a series that Bijl has titled ‘Sorry’, absurd compositions that diverge from his own realistic style. 

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Oostende - Rock Strangers

From the Beaufort permanent sculpture park

Rock Strangers

With his sculptures, the artist criticizes the ever increasing uniformity in urban planning. His Rock Strangers, however, lend an assertive, colourful note to a grey, neutral environment.

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Oostende - (Forever free) three graces

From the Beaufort permanent sculpture park 

(Forever free) three Graces

This work represents the three graces, which symbolize beauty, charm and joy. The sculptures derive their form from the Ku Klux Klan.

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Im Gebiss der Zeit

From the Beaufort permanent sculpture park 

  • Im Gebiss Der Zeit
    In 2006, this artist produced two paintings for the church of Saints Peter and Paul (Sint Petrus en Pauluskerk) in Ostend, which he applied directly on the window glass of the porch.
  • Ik, James Ensor
    The artist built a copy of Ensor’s workshop that can be seen in the Ensor House in Oostende. 
  • Metatron
    The remarkable aspect of this work is the distinctive shape of the sculpture, with which De Cordier refers to the mysterious shapes that Renaissance artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci used in their art.

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The Crystal Ship in Oostende, street art

Crystal Ship

Street art in Oostende! Throughout the city, you can gaze in admiration at gigantic wall paintings and artistic touches permanently displayed here for your enjoyment. And still more good arts news: from 7 April 2018 on, the third edition of The Crystal Ship will be held in the city.

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Also interesting!

The Heritage walk will take you along to discover more lovely spots in the seaside resort and treat you to a number of architectural gems.
fort napoleon oostende

Fort Napoleon

This wonderfully renovated dune fort was built during the Napoleonic era, and still stands guard on the Eastern shore. Today it is home to a museum and a restaurant/bistro, and mounts regular exhibitions. 

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Overzet met veerboot in Oostende

Roger Raveel ferry boat

Free cruises are an option in Oostende with the ferry boat. You can cross over in style to the Eastern shore, as Roger Raveel gave the three boats their distinctive look.

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This famous three-master sailing ship was designed by the polar explorer Adrien de Gerlache. In 1936, the ship brought home the earthly remains of Father Damian. An official museum ship since 196, it was recently fully renovated. Today it once again stands proudly before the Town Hall.

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Galerie Beausite


Beausite is not merely an art gallery. While looking at a few works in this listed Art Deco building, you can enjoy a tasty snack with a fine view of the sea. Choosing art in the best possible circumstances.

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Oostende gaanderijen


The Venetian and the Royal galleries, separated from each other by the ‘Drie Gapers’ (Three Yawners), are yet another royal souvenir and the best spot for a stroll, sheltered from the bright sun or pouring rain. Just as the ladies and gentlemen of the past enjoyed doing.

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Kursaal Casino

The Casino is a lovely example of modernist architecture, magnificent in its simplicity. Built in 1950, it has been a listed building since 1998. Op its programme is a varied range of exhibitions and performances. 

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Kursaal Oostende

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