Artistic spots in De Haan - Wenduine

Nostalgia is an asset in De Haan and Wenduine. In the lovely ‘Concessie’ neighbourhood, you can spend hours roaming around. And if you still have time left over, let Albert Einstein be your guide, or indulge your dreams in the Cinema Rio.

De Haan Concessiewijk

The Concessie and the tram station 

The Anglo-Norman villa area to the north of the tram line was once a stretch of dunes; in 1889, it was given to individuals as a leasehold in order to turn it into a romantic Belle Epoque neighbourhood. The German urban planner Joseph Stübben designed the face of De Haan: a green villa district with its own architecture, without tall buildings. Today the ‘Concessie’, together with the listed tram station, are as delightful as ever. A walk through this neighbourhood is thus an absolute must. The tourist information office, located in the charming tram station, will equip you with the necessary brochures.

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The Wrakhout bridge

The bridge over the Koninklijke Baan in the Harendijke district is quite striking. It was build out of 100 cubic metres of tropical hardwood and contains around 30 tonnes of profile steel. A giant artwork that guarantees pedestrians and cyclists safe passage to and from the beach.

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De Haan Einstein

Albert Einstein statue

Albert Einstein spent a few months in De Haan in 1933 and left behind some traces. This seaside resort erected a statue in honour of the Nobel Prize winner. The walk ‘In the footsteps of Einstein’ takes you along to additional spots that celebrate his memory.

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Beaufort germs in De Haan-Wenduine

De Haan_Jason_Dodge


A signal bell mounted with a view of the sea on the campus of Zeepreventorium.

This bell is designed to communicate with boats and is to be rung only by the children of the preventorium.

For his contribution to Beaufort, Dodge installed a signal bell on the campus of the Zeepreventorium, which houses two hundred chronically ill children. A signal bell is generally used to communicate between ships, or between the sea and dry land. In this case, the bell is mounted on the Zeepreventorium, with a view of the see. The children can ring the bell whenever they want to communicate with the ships sailing by.

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Eternity - Poseidon


Eternity - Poseidon, 2017

A striking work in the coastal landscape. This artwork by Xu Zhen is based on the Artemision bronze statue and can be found on the seafront of van De Haan.

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Strandjutter Mong De Vos

Beachcomber Mong De Vos

Along the dunes path, as an extension of the Vosseslag, stands the beachcomber Mong De Vos. With his back to the beach, he stands carrying a weathered beam on his left shoulder. The work of Martine Labbeke was adorned with a suitable poem on the front of the pedestal.

Cinema Rio in De Haan-Wenduine

Cinema Rio

Cinema Rio is pure nostalgia. An old neighbourhood cinema that stubbornly continues to resist the gigantic cineplexes and our fast-paced lifestyle. At Cinema Rio, time has long stood still. A must for anyone keen on a taste of bygone days.

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Sculpture park with 50 statues by renowned artists. The sculptures in stone, marble, steel, polyester and bronze will be spread throughout a lovely setting along the coast between Vosseslag and Wenduine.

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The Heritage walk will take you along to discover more lovely spots in the seaside resort and treat you to a number of architectural gems.

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